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Infallible tricks to sell more in Wallapop


Wallapop is one of the most popular applications for mobile phones . In just a few minutes and in a very intuitive way, you can buy and sell any second-hand item . Photo, description and running. You do not need to do anything else. If you are interested in earning extra money selling things that you no longer use, in this article we will give you some infallible tricks so that your products sell fast in Wallapop.

Making money in Wallapop is easy if you know how

  • Make good pictures.

The photo is the first thing that enters the eye. If you want to capture the attention of the prospective buyer, you should take good photographs. No stock photos or downloaded from the internet . Clean your product well, place it in a well-lit place and take quality photos from various angles.

  • The description must be complete.

The description of the product must be complete and provide all the necessary information to the buyer: status, measurements, weight, age … The more information you contribute, the more attractive the product will be and the more serious the sale will appear. Also, you will save yourself from answering a lot of questions in the chat about the details of the product.

  • Strive and be original with the texts.

In addition to complete, the description of your article must be original, to differentiate it from other ads. Work on copywriting with fresh texts that are recorded in the readers’ heads . Think that your product, surrounded by other competing products, has to be sold autonomously in the app. This will be easier to achieve if you get to perceive it as different.

  • Locate where your product can be seen by more people.

Remember that Wallapop works through a location system, so if you locate yourself in a small town and lost in the mountains, nobody will buy you. It will be much easier for you to sell something if you are located in an urban area with many inhabitants.

  • Put a good sale price.

You must adapt to the market price and not try to sell expensive . The sentimental value that you have to your product does not justify a higher price. If you want to sell by volume and fast, a good trick is to analyze prices of the competition and establish a price 10% lower than the average .

  • Get good ratings.

Someone with fifteen or twenty ratings of five stars will generate much more confidence than another person who does not have any . If you manage to make a good recommendation for each sale you close, you will give confidence to other buyers who do not finish trusting to buy through Wallapop.

  • Promote some items

Wallapop allows you to promote your ads. You should not do it with everyone, but do it when the product and the moment deserve it . For example, if you want to sell several high school textbooks in early September, promoting your ad ensures you a quick sale.

  • Put your photo and your phone number in your profile.

You will generate more confidence to potential buyers if they put you face. The telephone number is another plus of confidence, but you risk that it ends up in the wrong hands and can misuse it.

We hope you will be served all these tricks that we have collected. If you put them into practice, you will be able to sell much faster in Wallapop.

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