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Choose the best bank: all the TRICKS you have to know

The choice of a bank is free. This means that anyone can decide in which entity to open a current account, direct their payroll and receipts or manage their savings and investments. But not all banks are the same. In fact, the competition between them to attract customers is quite strong and this benefits the consumers. Choosing the best bank is key to being calm with your money.

If you want to choose a good bank, modern, dynamic, safe and that communicates with your philosophy of life, pay attention to the tricks and tips that we are going to offer you. We want you to find the best possible bank for you and your money.

What should I take into account to choose the best bank?


  • No maintenance fees, debit or credit card or transfers.

We do not want to pay maintenance fees . At the time, all banks charged them , but not today. They are a thing of the past. Therefore, we will look for entities with zero maintenance fees , with zero fees for debit or credit cards and with zero commissions for making transfers, even if they are international.

  • How many more ATMs are available, the better.

Rarely will it be the week that you do not have to go to the cashier to get cash. Therefore, a very important variable to take into account to choose the best bank is that it has a wide network of ATMs in which to withdraw money for free .

  • Good online banking

People increasingly go to the bank less because almost all paperwork can be done online , from an income to a transfer or a direct debit. It is essential that the bank we choose has tables on the internet and has a good online bank, reliable and adapted to the times.

  • Offices near home.

If online banking is not yet your thing, do not trust or prefer to be a real person who solves your problems, then the bank you choose should have offices near your home , so you can go to them make income, order transfers or check the status of your current account.

  • Customer service schedule.

Regardless of whether you prefer online or traditional banking, it is important that your bank has a good customer service schedule in case some day a problem arises and you need immediate attention. In online banking they are usually available around the clock. In physical banking there are offices that open in the afternoons and others that answer the telephone from early morning until late afternoon.

  • Security and reliability

With internet there are no secrets. If a bank does poorly with its clients, the critics will reach the internet. The same happens on the contrary. When customers at a bank are satisfied with how they are treated, all will be positive opinions. Based on these reviews, you should look for a reliable bank that provides security .

  • Financial products that it has.

It is interesting that you find out what financial products your entity offers . Not only the current account, which is the first thing fixed by everyone, but also the savings accounts, the investment products, the loans, the mortgages, the online broker … The most likely thing is that at some point you end up hiring some of them.

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