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5 series to learn economics while having fun


Thanks to platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime , the series is more fashionable than ever. The catalog available is huge and covers all topics, including the economy. Yes, you heard correctly. You can learn economics while having fun enjoying a good series. We leave you some proposals.

Learning economics will be easier if you stick to these series


Starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, Billions delves into the world of financial crime , greed and political corruption. The series is on everyone’s lips and hooks from the minute one. If the first season was good, the second was even better and the third is a gem. If you want to learn about the dark side of finance , Billions will love it.


Silicon Valley is one of those miniseries that please all of us who are a bit of a freak . Set in the world of startups , it shows in the key of satire and comedy how is the reality of this entrepreneurial world. If you are thinking of starting up an online business , do not miss out as the protagonists of Silicon Valley go through all the phases and stumbling blocks of the venture . You will learn a lot and you will laugh more.


Focused on the world of strategic consultancies , House of Lies, or The House of Lies, narrates in a comedy tone and with a very cynical vision how large companies are left to advise by the big consultants. At first glance it seems an uninteresting topic, but the rhythm of the series, the harsh criticism and the bad mood of some protagonists will not leave you indifferent.


With The Office you will learn economy while you see the day to day of a very peculiar office . The nine seasons of this series go a long way. Michael Scott, your employees and all your customers, suppliers and friends will explain to you how banks work , inflation or costs with a great deal of humor and sarcasm.


We pay tribute to The Wire, one of the best television series in history . In it, a trafficker, Stringer Bell, enrolls to learn economics and thus be able to obtain greater benefits from his business. With The Wire you will learn about real street businesses. Because the sewer businesses are also governed by the law of supply and demand and also in them there are benefits distributions and salary gaps.

Do you dare to learn economics with any of these series?

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