Infallible tricks to sell more in Wallapop


Wallapop is one of the most popular applications for mobile phones . In just a few minutes and in a very intuitive way, you can buy and sell any second-hand item . Photo, description and running. You do not need to do anything else. If you are interested in earning extra money selling things that you no longer use, in this article we will give you some infallible tricks so that your products sell fast in Wallapop.

Making money in Wallapop is easy if you know how

  • Make good pictures.

The photo is the first thing that enters the eye. If you want to capture the attention of the prospective buyer, you should take good photographs. No stock photos or downloaded from the internet . Clean your product well, place it in a well-lit place and take quality photos from various angles.

  • The description must be complete.

The description of the product must be complete and provide all the necessary information to the buyer: status, measurements, weight, age … The more information you contribute, the more attractive the product will be and the more serious the sale will appear. Also, you will save yourself from answering a lot of questions in the chat about the details of the product.

  • Strive and be original with the texts.

In addition to complete, the description of your article must be original, to differentiate it from other ads. Work on copywriting with fresh texts that are recorded in the readers’ heads . Think that your product, surrounded by other competing products, has to be sold autonomously in the app. This will be easier to achieve if you get to perceive it as different.

  • Locate where your product can be seen by more people.

Remember that Wallapop works through a location system, so if you locate yourself in a small town and lost in the mountains, nobody will buy you. It will be much easier for you to sell something if you are located in an urban area with many inhabitants.

  • Put a good sale price.

You must adapt to the market price and not try to sell expensive . The sentimental value that you have to your product does not justify a higher price. If you want to sell by volume and fast, a good trick is to analyze prices of the competition and establish a price 10% lower than the average .

  • Get good ratings.

Someone with fifteen or twenty ratings of five stars will generate much more confidence than another person who does not have any . If you manage to make a good recommendation for each sale you close, you will give confidence to other buyers who do not finish trusting to buy through Wallapop.

  • Promote some items

Wallapop allows you to promote your ads. You should not do it with everyone, but do it when the product and the moment deserve it . For example, if you want to sell several high school textbooks in early September, promoting your ad ensures you a quick sale.

  • Put your photo and your phone number in your profile.

You will generate more confidence to potential buyers if they put you face. The telephone number is another plus of confidence, but you risk that it ends up in the wrong hands and can misuse it.

We hope you will be served all these tricks that we have collected. If you put them into practice, you will be able to sell much faster in Wallapop.

Choose the best bank: all the TRICKS you have to know

The choice of a bank is free. This means that anyone can decide in which entity to open a current account, direct their payroll and receipts or manage their savings and investments. But not all banks are the same. In fact, the competition between them to attract customers is quite strong and this benefits the consumers. Choosing the best bank is key to being calm with your money.

If you want to choose a good bank, modern, dynamic, safe and that communicates with your philosophy of life, pay attention to the tricks and tips that we are going to offer you. We want you to find the best possible bank for you and your money.

What should I take into account to choose the best bank?


  • No maintenance fees, debit or credit card or transfers.

We do not want to pay maintenance fees . At the time, all banks charged them , but not today. They are a thing of the past. Therefore, we will look for entities with zero maintenance fees , with zero fees for debit or credit cards and with zero commissions for making transfers, even if they are international.

  • How many more ATMs are available, the better.

Rarely will it be the week that you do not have to go to the cashier to get cash. Therefore, a very important variable to take into account to choose the best bank is that it has a wide network of ATMs in which to withdraw money for free .

  • Good online banking

People increasingly go to the bank less because almost all paperwork can be done online , from an income to a transfer or a direct debit. It is essential that the bank we choose has tables on the internet and has a good online bank, reliable and adapted to the times.

  • Offices near home.

If online banking is not yet your thing, do not trust or prefer to be a real person who solves your problems, then the bank you choose should have offices near your home , so you can go to them make income, order transfers or check the status of your current account.

  • Customer service schedule.

Regardless of whether you prefer online or traditional banking, it is important that your bank has a good customer service schedule in case some day a problem arises and you need immediate attention. In online banking they are usually available around the clock. In physical banking there are offices that open in the afternoons and others that answer the telephone from early morning until late afternoon.

  • Security and reliability

With internet there are no secrets. If a bank does poorly with its clients, the critics will reach the internet. The same happens on the contrary. When customers at a bank are satisfied with how they are treated, all will be positive opinions. Based on these reviews, you should look for a reliable bank that provides security .

  • Financial products that it has.

It is interesting that you find out what financial products your entity offers . Not only the current account, which is the first thing fixed by everyone, but also the savings accounts, the investment products, the loans, the mortgages, the online broker … The most likely thing is that at some point you end up hiring some of them.

5 series to learn economics while having fun


Thanks to platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime , the series is more fashionable than ever. The catalog available is huge and covers all topics, including the economy. Yes, you heard correctly. You can learn economics while having fun enjoying a good series. We leave you some proposals.

Learning economics will be easier if you stick to these series


Starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, Billions delves into the world of financial crime , greed and political corruption. The series is on everyone’s lips and hooks from the minute one. If the first season was good, the second was even better and the third is a gem. If you want to learn about the dark side of finance , Billions will love it.


Silicon Valley is one of those miniseries that please all of us who are a bit of a freak . Set in the world of startups , it shows in the key of satire and comedy how is the reality of this entrepreneurial world. If you are thinking of starting up an online business , do not miss out as the protagonists of Silicon Valley go through all the phases and stumbling blocks of the venture . You will learn a lot and you will laugh more.


Focused on the world of strategic consultancies , House of Lies, or The House of Lies, narrates in a comedy tone and with a very cynical vision how large companies are left to advise by the big consultants. At first glance it seems an uninteresting topic, but the rhythm of the series, the harsh criticism and the bad mood of some protagonists will not leave you indifferent.


With The Office you will learn economy while you see the day to day of a very peculiar office . The nine seasons of this series go a long way. Michael Scott, your employees and all your customers, suppliers and friends will explain to you how banks work , inflation or costs with a great deal of humor and sarcasm.


We pay tribute to The Wire, one of the best television series in history . In it, a trafficker, Stringer Bell, enrolls to learn economics and thus be able to obtain greater benefits from his business. With The Wire you will learn about real street businesses. Because the sewer businesses are also governed by the law of supply and demand and also in them there are benefits distributions and salary gaps.

Do you dare to learn economics with any of these series?

CPI: What do prices say about the progress of the economy? |

We invite you to do a test: go out and ask ten people if it seems positive or negative that prices rise. Without more data, at least nine will tell you that it is bad. They are right? What else is missing in the question to be able to consider an upward trend in prices as detrimental to the progress of a country’s economy? Let’s talk about the IPC.

Let’s go with a little macroeconomics for dummies !

CPI, inflation and deflation

We need to have clear basic concepts first of all. The CPI (Consumer Price Index) is an indicator that measures the variation of the prices of products in an economy. When the CPI rises, that is, prices are constantly rising, we say that there is inflation . On the other hand, we know it as deflation or negative inflation at a time of sustained price decline.

In any economy, it is usual to live with inflation . Affirming that this is good or bad depends on the point of view we take. We are going to analyze it from the perspective of each economic agent and then see it with a global approach.

How the variation in prices affects the different economic agents

If we could only answer with one word, it would be a huge DEPEND. Now you will understand why.

  • Consumers

Inflation has a direct consequence: it makes money worth less. With the same amount of money, as prices are higher, citizens can buy fewer products. Therefore, a price drop (negative CPI) is good for the consumer since he can buy more goods and services for the same price. Of course, provided that their purchasing power (difference between variation in prices and variation of pensions and salaries) is greater.

Some economic theories, like that of the Austrian School, defend that deflation does not only benefit the consumer. When prices fall, demand increases, also benefiting companies and causing them to hire more personnel. The reality is that it is not that simple because consumers postponed their purchases while waiting for new price drops. As many other times, the human factor is the key.

  • Business

From the point of view of the companies , a rise in prices increases their income, but at the same time it reduces their competitiveness as exporters. Other factors enter here, such as the elasticity of the products they sell. Do you begin to understand that great “depends”?

  • Investors

An economic agent that does hurt a strong inflation is the investors. If you invest 1000 euros today, you are forgoing to spend them on consuming goods and services for that value. Inflation makes that prize for giving up to consume is reduced to have less value invested money.

Here, the return obtained from the investment and the difference with inflation would also come into play: if you obtain a return of 2% and inflation is 3%, you are losing purchasing power. In fact, some financial products are referenced with inflation.

Is there an ideal situation?

It is considered that inflation below 2% is beneficial for the economy in general . With GDP also rising production will increase, unemployment will fall and, as long as social measures collaborate, growth will also benefit citizens. However, this is also a bit relative.

As we have explained to you on many occasions, in economy two plus two does not have to be always four.

Basic guide for the consolidation of our payday loans


  • It is a financial product that serves to balance our financial situation.
  • It is not a way to pay 50% less each month.
  • It must be accompanied by a rationalization of our consumption patterns.

The reunification, grouping or refinancing of debts are different ways of denominating a financial product offered by a sector of the financial entities that serve to balance our financial situation. Basically, it consists of extending our current mortgage loan or setting up a new mortgage, with the amount of which we can cancel our personal loans, credit card balances available and other types of debts.

What is and is not a reunification of debts?

We will start with what it is not: a way to pay 50% less each month. It may surprise many who say that it is not what all the companies that have dedicated themselves to financial intermediation publicized: “Reunify all your debts into one and pay up to 50% less each month.”

This slogan is deceptive advertising, and so the legislator has considered it if it is not accompanied by additional information that clarifies that the reduction of the monthly payment is achieved by grouping all the debts in a new mortgage, which implies a higher outstanding debt and can than an extension of the term.

Payday loan consolidation consists of processing a loan that covers all unpaid loans- more info.

Reunifying our debts makes sense if, with the operation, we are going to balance our finances to be deleveraging in an orderly manner. For whatever reasons, we have over-indebted ourselves and reunified to pay the debts in an orderly manner.

But reunification must be accompanied by a rationalization of our consumption patterns. In short, adapt our standard of living to our income. Otherwise, a reunification of debt will not help, as soon we will have other debts and generate a snowball that grows and grows until nothing or nobody can stop our fall.

Expenses of a mortgage reunification

A piece of advice that will avoid many subsequent problems: you can directly process the reunification with a financial institution or do it with an independent financial intermediary, always demand the binding offer and the breakdown of expenses (which includes the provision of funds) a few days before the signature before a notary. Never sign anything without having these documents in your possession.

The main expenses to take into account in a debt refinancing are:

1. The appraisal of the home we are going to mortgage.

2. The cancellation expenses of the previous mortgage loan (the cancellation fee is paid plus the administrative and notary expenses) and the cancellation commissions of the personal loans and other debts.

3. The expenses of the constitution of the new mortgage that reunifies all the debts; they are the same expenses as in a normal mortgage, which must be taken into account that the opening commission often exceeds 1%.

4. Fees financial intermediary: if not hired directly and is handled by a professional, who should be required to abide scrupulously with Law 2/2009 (PDF). There is no legal limit, but above 5% I think they are unacceptable. You can and must negotiate this expense with the intermediary before delivering the documentation, and you must confirm them in writing.

With the bank or with an intermediary?

Some banking client advisory companies such as Ausbanc condemn the intermediary (misnamed the reunification company), but the truth is that even the law itself recognizes its usefulness:

“… can be useful to consumers who decide to contract these services by enabling a more efficient search of the loans and loans available in the market, while these entities allow consumers to gain bargaining power with the lenders, thus being able to access to better conditions in the loans they hire “.

In my view, a client can go directly to the bank without problems when he has time, financial knowledge and ability to negotiate with financial institutions this type of operations. In another case, you should evaluate the utility of leaving all procedures to an independent expert, always taking into account that you scrupulously comply with the aforementioned legislation and negotiate the fees whenever feasible.

Do you know payday loans?

The market for lenders operating on the Internet has grown in an impressive way. However, when we talk about loans and loans we do it as if we were talking about synonyms, but they are not two equal financing products. Each one has its characteristics that differentiate them. They also have many similarities, hence we talk about them as if they were the same. So at the time of opting for credits or personal loans online, nothing better than knowing what each one is. And even if we do not look for financing, financial education never hurts.

A loan is not a loan and vice versa

When we ask for financing from a bank or a lender, we understand that they give us money that is not ours and we have to return it in a few installments. It is a commitment that we acquire with these entities. In this aspect, credits and loans are the same. In both, they offer us a capital and we return it with some interests. The difference lies in other aspects:

Credit Loan
When we ask for a loan, the entity grants us a maximum amount and we can withdraw whatever we want. It can be all the credit or only one part. When we ask for a loan, the entity that grants it gives us the amount requested in its entirety. All the money is entered into our account at one time.
In credits, as we return the money used, we have it available again. When repaying a loan, when we return the money according to the agreement, the contract ends with the lender.
In a credit, the interests affect only the part that we use. In a loan, interest is applied to the entire amount granted.

To try to make us clearer, let’s give an example. When we ask for an online loan of 1,000 euros and the entity grants it, they deposit all the money in our account. The interest is applied to 1,000 euros. Pay all the installments in the time established with the lender and fully balance the loan.

In an online credit, the entity also grants us 1,000 euros but does not enter them in our account. The 1,000 euros are in a “virtual wallet”. I can withdraw or spend all the money once or only a part, for example, 400 euros to buy something. In this case, interest affects 400 euros only. In addition, I still have 600 euros of credit available. As I go back the 400 euros (once or in installments), I will have them available.

Credit and personal loan face to face

Currently, almost all the financing offered online is, in reality, online loans. Although lenders that offer credit lines are beginning to emerge. The conditions for us to accept both credit and online loans are very similar. Depending on our situation, it will be better to choose a loan or a loan. In One Payday we can find all the loans so that we can choose the one that best suits our needs.

Credit Card Debt Help & How To Locate It

You might be surprised locate how a people are exactly like you and owe way too many debts. However, the right thing for everyone suffering the anxiety of finding yourself in too much debt is it possible to are methods to take charge and be in charge of your money. Learn more about a payday debt consolidation loan- browse around these guys.

With the support of the credit facilities, you are sure to get cash ranging between $100 and $1000. The borrowed mount end up being be returned to the lending company in easy installments. We take probably the best good the borrowers and therefore give them the authority to choose the day within the installment. The tenure impeccable premier loans are of 14-31 days. The borrower may use the cash amount for short-term expenses of the way of life.

When searching to get yourself a bad credit debt consolidation loan you should shop around at different creditors. Specialize in bad credit loans which enables it to be able to get you at a lower rate than other people may have the ability to. You’ll to be able to find excellent offer light and portable lowest pace before you sign into a concurrence.

The upside down? Most home equity loans or HELOC’s run between 7% and 9%, far higher rate than the 18% to 21% of the store a credit card. This alone could save confronted with hundreds to thousands of dollars the actual life with a balance. Nearly $100,000 of home equity loan rates of interest are tax-deductible. Minimum payments are usually lower, and principal pays down noticeably faster.

Fast online procedure-: Additional medications. The system fast and convenient the loan service will be the internet. A positive aspect loan services where you need to go through lengthy procedures with monotonous faxing and paperwork, this particular loan offers magnificent technique accomplish all of the functions within no time period. In fact, there is no such tedious process, less paperwork, and hassle-free. It is fast and safe too. Just get a form. According to the mentioned instruction fill the application carefully without making mistakes. Mention your monthly income and the validated bank account which help you to the lenders to transfer the cash.

Anytime you wish to rework loans, credit scores will most often play a broad role using this method. Saving for emergencies or retirement will both amount of reliability piece of your monthly source of income. The more you put in, quicker and less complicated your future will be mainly. In order to put extra towards future funds, you may need to cut back on online marketing budgeted necessity. How well you manage your finances affects each and every. Keep your debt low a person is not spending your extra money towards interest or other fees.Limit plastic and keep online money advances if you genuinely do n’t need to use either professional. Needs and wants are two separate demands so pay up each so.

How To Deal With Debt Collectors

This is funny how people create a big deal about the reduction associated with credit score due to debt settlement. Nicely, if you want to improve your credit score and when you want to keep it high, could it be not evident that you will have to pay your debts on time? How do you plan to do so if you are struggling to generate monthly repayments?

3) Transfer as much outstanding debt onto the credit card debt settlement card offers the lowest interest beat. If this is not feasible, it’s advisable to look at get a debt consolidation loan from a bank to lower interest values.

In case that they claim it’s not a classic debt, you are still safeguarded against many debt collection techniques by The Fair Debt Collection Methods Act (FDCPA). This legislation requires many procedures to become followed by debt collection companies, and it appears that the company, which called a person, violated this law instantly.

Planning your fees and paying in full will keep you from getting into personal credit card debt. I know a lot of you are thinking what will happen if you don’t spend your debt. Well, this is a simple no-brainer.

In the event that these collection companies call a person, tell them to put everything that they need to say to you in writing plus mail it to you. In this way, you will have documented proof of the actual say and what you state. They might say “no”, plus threaten you with absurd threats. If this happens, there is great news. You can send out a “cease and desist” letter, that will force them to stop contacting you, put everything on paper, and mail it to you.

Its a ploy simply by some debt collectors to press out some money on financial obligations that are years old. You may have acquired some trouble sometime in your past and now these debt collectors are unearthing old financial obligations that are five to ten years old.

You should make the payment on the list of debt collection agency, and not to the authentic creditor. In most cases, the debt has been sold and the payments created to the creditor will not be deposited into your debt. Make your payments to the entity specified by the selection agency.

So how exactly does the collection firm plan on making contact with your own debtor, by email? You really should evaluate the collection notices they often times use before employing the business. Do they make use of an automatic mobile phone dialer? At times dialing techniques can call many times each day to reach the person in debt. Though it may be legal, are you more comfortable with your companies name staying associated with this kind of selection practice?

The time to stop the phone telephone calls is before they get started. Under the law, a financial debt collector has to send you written notice advising who the debt has been and for how much. You have four weeks to respond. If this is, in fact, a new debt that is older than typically the statute of limitations, send out a letter disputing (of course not mine) the debt. The collection firm cannot contact you again until finally, they can verify the debt in addition to notify you. If they still cannot prove it, you don’t are obligated to pay it.

Small Business Cash Flow Plus Business Net Worth

If online payday loans sound great to you and you are in a situation to need cash and you require it now, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this kind of cash advances online. Getting a short-term online is not so challenging, so you’ll always realize that you can turn to online payday loans once the going gets tough. You might be wondering why no one actually told you that you could get payday loans online. But what is most significant is that you know it now so you know that cash advances online indicate tight can go right out there that door.

The City of Milton mailed property tax expenses on Sept. 20. Right after receiving the bills, inhabitants have 60 days to pay the particular bill without incurring fines.

Once you know what it how the writer is driving with is, you will only get what you feel are real comments and not take almost everything. This way, whatever the writer is usually writing does not make a lot of sense to you except these points you are keen to learn. Everyone will always lace their own statements amidst truth. Since all that you need to do is take away the chaff and take the right words. This is the case along with most of the small business accounting services software evaluations that you might find online. For that real neutral reviews, unsecured loans with guarantor you should hunt around a bit. Not every site can be proud of becoming neutral. Identify these sites that could ensure you get neutral reviews through for all the products of your attention.

Accounting research help can be easily located on the internet. Of course, if you do not possess the internet access then it is an issue. For those who do not have internet access after that let’s cover some methods for them first. You should be talking to good books by good writers. They will be a lot of help to a person. Especially the books simply by expert authors that have lots of experience in all the types plus branches of accounting, then you can certainly always hire a teacher if it is in your budget, you can also get financial accounting services assignment assist while studying in groupings.

As home equity loan with no credit check required by the dual element concept, we see that the entire of the assets does stability the total of the equities. Since the total of the assets must always balance the total of the equities of a company, a financial record which reports the property and equities are called a balance sheet.

Though it’s difficult to prevent credit cards altogether in today’s community, you can certainly learn to utilize them wisely. Keep your credit card amounts paid off on a monthly basis. Try to utilize them only for convenience, not to lend money every time you go buying. You can use credit cards to keep up along with individual bills, business accounting services, as well as for select purchases.

Reviews: How many individuals like it? By doing a search on the web, you can get a rather quick feel on what other people are going to consider it. Head to major merchant websites online such as Office Utmost and others to see what they consider the package. I would highly suggest that you don’t get into a package that lots of people don’t’ like.

So think about this – you might have nothing to lose. Handy Applications, in fact, will help you save additional time and efforts. Try Handy right away! Accounting will no longer end up being all that hard!

Online Installment Financial Loans – Get Loan Via Internet

Looking for an ultimate method to obtain easy money in the choice associated with a loan? It is better to select Money Installment Loans so as to obtain fast cash. Today, various kinds of loans are heavily available along with low-interest rates to provide millions of customers. So, any time you demand of urgent money then you should prefer the financial service to gain immediate money. Nowadays, one can use the internet and apply for cash sequel loans without using fax device or bulky documentation.

Prepared your paperwork before signing up to get a home loan. There are many items which a loan company can demand. These items are the last a couple of several years worth associated with tax returns, replicates for each of your regular monthly bank card information and $2 000 cash installment loan. 90 days financial institution claims, as well as 2 many weeks amount of pay out stubs, may also be essential for acceptance.

In order to avail these loans, you need to fulfill some circumstances. Only after you fulfill a few conditions, you are approved for that financial scheme. First, you ought to be a permanent US citizen. 2nd, you should be regularly employed using a minimum monthly salary associated with 1000 dollars per month. 3rd, you should have a permanent bank account within your name, which will be used for the particular transactional purposes. Last although not the least, you should have attained age 18 if you want to avail these types of loans. After you fulfill each one of these conditions, you get cash in almost no time.

As the name goes, no credit check installment loans benefits CHeck my blog are cash advances that are offered on the internet. These are to be paid back within small monthly or every week installments. Whenever we encounter any urgency, we can meet it with these loans. It is often proved as a boon for individuals looking for any loan.

Once consumers consider bankruptcy as a debt relief technique, it will be equal to a choice of defeat. I condition it here because by means of bankruptcy a consumer will obtain nothing more than trouble. It is correct that it eliminates your debts, yet equally, it gives you excellent worries. After a statement associated with bankruptcy is filed directly by consumers, they will be rejected through future benefits like loans and easy apartments. Instead, they are going to have to think about money lenders for people with bad credit an excellent source of interest rates.

First of all, I want to dispel the concept is forming in your mind that you will be a bad or irresponsible individual. Yes, your credit history is not ideal and may be marred simply by one particular event or a number of them. The key is to place that behind you and to begin to repair the damage. Start by starting some simple credit restoration steps.

On the other hand, you get financial without any security from unprotected form of a loan. Unsecured type of loans suits to those applicants who are unable to offer something as security. The applicant should possess checking account within his/her name. Income certification along with a residence in the UNITED KINGDOM is also mandatory. To acquire cash from the lenders associated with loans for people with bad credit score just go online and fill an easy application form with required information. Once your details are usually verified you get sanctioned mortgage amount into your existing bank account in few hours. This particular loan amount can be utilized for your personal needs like healthcare bills, home renovation, drinking water supply bills and impending credit card dues etc . therefore, apply for loans for people with poor credit at the time of your financial emergency.

This really is a fast facility where documents and documentation will not turn out to be a hurdle. You do not need to arrange documents for the verification. Just make an application for payday loans in WA state and avail the total amount immediately. In these advances, you are able to avail the help within twenty-four hours and the best thing is you need not go and collect the cash because it will be deposited into your account electronically.

Because of these high-interest rates, the money advance company is always going to get back more money than this loans out. Even if the customer decides not to pay, the business can run the verify through their bank account plus cause it to be overdrawn. The particular borrower will then owe cash to both the bank plus cash advance company. Many people which take out these loans enter what is called a “vicious cycle, ” where these people loan money between paydays – bad credit loans guaranteed approval ( ̄TT ̄) and are forced to pay it back if they get paid from their jobs. Merely because they don’t have any money once they repay the loan, they are required to take out another payday loan Gadcapital company and same day paydayloans /his comment is here.

Banks have also been slowly belittled for funding payday loan businesses, while simultaneous rejecting exactly the same customers who come into their very own offices to get loans. It seems to many that the bank is attempting to profit off an expanding industry while simultaneously safeguarding their own assets against failures. Despite the criticism which has been provided to the cash advance industry, this continues to prosper. These financial loans should only be used if you absolutely need them. Many people which use payday loans htTps:// HERE become dependent upon them, and it is important to become responsible when managing your money – payday loans online direct lenders only Go Here @!@.